Glow boldly onward…



The world is dark, but there is a neon light at the end of the tunnel. You are not alone. Follow me on Twitch for rad music, neon lights, mindfulness and personal development discussions! 

Neon Positivity Live

Personal Development = Rad

You might be thinking, “whatever dude, that self-help stuff never works.” I know that because I did too, but there is a way out of that dark hole. Developing a growth mindset to become the best version of you and getting support is easier than ever.

  • Mindfulness and practical positivity discussions
  • Rad, uplifting music, neon lights, and self-care reminders
  • Active support community on the Wave Rider Discord
  • Regular Glow Stick Challenges to support your new goals


  • MON 6:00 PM
  • TUE 1:00PM
  • WED 6:00 PM
  • THU 1:00 PM
  • FRI 6:00 PM
  • SAT 1:00 PM

Ride the Wave with Us!

Wave Rider?

[ weyv ] – [ rahy-der ]
One who rides the waves of life’s triumphs and struggles with optimism.

There’s a storm brewing: the information age has made negativity loud. We’re making neon positivity louder and brighter.

Our Creed

  • To wield a torch of relentless hope
  • To wear an armor of positivity
  • To foster the magic of childlike wonder
  • To find passions and pursue them
  • To glow boldy towards my goals
  • To celebrate my neighbor’s achievements
  • To empathize, lift up, and lead our fallen family
  • To remember, “this too shall pass”
  • To ride the waves of life’s struggles
  • To be kind, rad, and honest… a Wave Rider

Glow Stick Story

Are You on the
Same Wavelength?

The Wave Rider Society

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